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apply_filters( 'wpforms_user_registration_email_user', array $email )

Filters email properties for new user emails sent from the User Registration addon.


The wpforms_user_registration_email_user filter is applied to an array containing email data, prior to the User Registration addon sending the new user email. It can be used to customize the properties of the email including the message sent to the user.


(array) (Required) Properties of the email that will be generated



More Information

Below explains what is contained in the array and the context of how it is used.

$email = array(
	'address'    => $user->user_email,
	'subject'    => $subject,
	'message'    => $message,
	'user'       => $user,
	'password'   => $plaintext_pass,
	'activation' => $activation,
	'link'       => $link,
$email = apply_filters( 'wpforms_user_registration_email_user', $email );

$emails = new WPForms_WP_Emails;
$emails->send( $email['address'], $email['subject'], $email['message'] );
Updated on January 4, 2018

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