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apply_filters( 'wpforms_frontend_confirmation_message', wpautop( $message ), $form_data, $fields, $entry_id )

Filters confirmation message output site-wide.


The wpforms_frontend_confirmation_message filter is applied to all forms set to display a confirmation message. It can be used to change or replace the confirmation message that’s displayed, overriding the message contents set within the form builder.


(string) (Required) Confirmation message, including processed Smart Tags.
(array) (Required) Form data and settings.
(array) (Required) Sanitized field data.
(int) (Required) Entry id.



More Information

Below is the code that creates the $message string used in this filter.

$message = apply_filters( 'wpforms_process_smart_tags', $this->confirmation_message, $form_data, $fields, $entry_id );
Updated on December 28, 2018

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