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do_action( 'wpforms_process_before', $entry, $form_data );

Action that fires after a form’s submit button is clicked, but before form data is validated or cleaned.


The wpforms_process_before action fires almost immediately after the form’s submit button is clicked, before validation takes place for the entry. Since entry data has not been validated or cleaned at this point in pre-processing, this hook should be used with caution.


(array) Unvalidated entry data
(array) Formatted form data



More Information

The snippets below show more details about the parameters included in this hook (which each include an additional filter option).

$entry = apply_filters( 'wpforms_process_before_filter', $entry, $form_data );

$form_data = apply_filters( 'wpforms_process_before_form_data', wpforms_decode( $form->post_content ), $entry );
Updated on November 9, 2018

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